Good harvest at the Paris competition

The Maison de l'Armagnac is very pleased to salute the success of many of its partners during the general agricultural competition which was held last week as part of the International Agricultural Show (SIA) in Paris.

Among the winners, we must mention the Tariquet estate which won a gold medal (Montreur d'ours) and four silver medals (Blanche, VS, 8 years old pure Folle Blanche, 1995). Gold medal for the Domaine d'Espérance (18 years old cask strength) and silver medal (2002, baco, cask strength).

Three silver medals for the Marques Club (2007 cask strength Jean Cavé, 2011 Sempé, 1996 Clé des ducs). Two medals for the Pellehaut domain: silver (10 years old crazy white), bronze (l’Age blanc). Gold medal (1997) and silver medal (25 years), for Maison Dartigalongue.

Finally, gold medal for Maison Fontan (Bas-Armagnac 1995) and silver medal for Château Arton (2012 Haut-Armagnac).

The Armagnacs of all these houses whose success we salute can be discovered on our website La Maison de l'Armagnac.