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The “tawny sands”

Bas-Armagnac, whose capital is Eauze, is to the west of the appellation, in an area that runs from Nogaro to Villeneuve-de-Marsan, Roquefort, Gabarret (to the west), between Gers and Landes, to return to the western part of the Gers as far as Eauze. Its name refers to the production region of the appellation with the lowest altitude.

This region is the most important in planted area because it represents about 67% of the areas identified.

We find on these lands, soils generally sandy-loamy also called "tawny sands". Tawny sands are marine sands from the Atlantic Ocean not far from there. These soils are mainly made up of sand (70%-90%), silt (0%-30%) and clay (0%-15%). The climate is rather temperate.

Other elements, such as the Landes forest, a real natural barrier, make it possible to regulate this climate and thus produce wines of great finesse.

Fine and fragrant

Today, there are more than 200 Maisons in this region. Bas-Armagnacs are popular with Armagnac lovers because they are reputed to be the finest in the Appellation. The eaux-de-vie from these sandy-loamy soils are very fine and fragrant, the aromatic bouquets, predominantly cooked fruit, are rich and complex. They are ideal to be tasted as a digestive or to be used in cocktails.

Our Bas-Armagnac Armagnacs

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