Nos Armagnacs - Haut -Armagnac

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    4 items
    Château Arton - Unique piece - 2011 vintage - 70 cl
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    Château Arton - Unique piece - 2010 vintage - 70 cl
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    Château Arton - La Flamme - vintage 2011 - 70 cl
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    Château Arton - La Réserve - 6 years old - 70 cl
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    Terroir of Excellence for Armagnacs of Authenticity and Aromatic Richness

    The Armagnacs of Haut-Armagnac are renowned for theiraromatic complexity, theirroundnessand theirlength in the mouth. The eaux-de-vie produced in this region are often richer and more powerful than those produced in Bas-Armagnac, reflecting the unique characteristics of their terroir.

    Haut-Armagnac Armagnacs are appreciated by enthusiasts around the world, in particular for their exceptional quality and their ability to age for a long time in barrels. Spirits connoisseurs often seek out vintage Armagnacs from Haut-Armagnac for their aromatic complexity and elegance on the palate. Whether for a solo tasting or to accompany a gourmet meal, the Armagnacs of Haut-Armagnac offer ataste experience.

    Haut-Armagnac benefits from a unique terroir, characterized by clay-limestone soils rich in sediment. The climatetemperate oceanic, with a continental influence, favors theslow maturationgrapes and brings asubtle complexityto the Armagnacs produced in this area.

    Haut-Armagnac winegrowers mainly cultivate the traditional Armagnac grape varieties: Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche and, to a lesser extent, Baco. These grape varieties bring their own character and contribute to the aromatic richness of Haut-Armagnac eaux-de-vie.

    The distillation of wines to obtain Armagnac in Haut-Armagnac is carried out according to thetraditional method of continuous column distillation, which allows aprogressive extractionaromas and concentration of flavors. Haut-Armagnac distillers are recognized for their know-how and their ability to preserve the authenticity of eaux-de-vie.

    Elegance and Subtlety in an Oak Case

    After distillation, Haut-Armagnac Armagnacs are carefully aged in oak barrels, which play an essential role in the development of their complex aromas. The barrels used can be new or old, thus adding subtle notes of vanilla, spices and wood to the Armagnac. The aging of Haut-Armagnac eaux-de-vie takes place slowly, allowing them to gain complexity and depth over the years.

    The Armagnacs of Haut-Armagnac are distinguished by their subtle character and their refinement. On the nose, they reveal delicate aromas of ripe fruit, flowers, honey and spices. On the palate, they offer a velvety texture and a range of harmonious flavors, ranging from candied fruits to woody and spicy notes, with a remarkable length in the mouth.