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    It is not uncommon to find organic Armagnacs on the market. Indeed, for several years now, some producers have worked their land differently by developing distillation wines without phytosanitary products.
    This does not question the hard work of each winegrower who has been working for decades to work and maintain land sometimes present in the family for several generations for decades.
    This is an additional step that our winegrowers are carrying out by converting to organic farming. Unlike winegrowers producing only wine, Armagnacais will have to be patient and wait several years before being able to market its brandy under the AB label.
    5 items
    Armagnac Dartigalongue Organic 70 cl
    Armagnac Dartigalongue Organic 70 cl
    67,00 €
    Armagnac Darroze - 2008 - organic - 70 cl
    96,00 €
    Armagnac Monluc Brut de fût Bio 2009 50cl
    Armagnac Monluc Brut of Bio Bio 2009 50cl
    83,00 €
    Armagnac Darroze - 7 years of age - organic - 70 cl
    54,00 €
    Armagnac Darroze - 4 years of age - organic - 70 cl
    43,50 €

    Organic Armagnacs: Harmony between Terroir and Sustainability

    Organic Armagnacs are appreciated by spirits lovers who attach importance tosustainability, to thequality of ingredientsand toenvironmental impact. They offer a taste experienceauthentic, while demonstrating the concern to preserve the ecological balance.

    In summary, organic Armagnacs are Armagnacs produced fromgrapes grown according to the principles of organic farming. They highlight the naturalness, authenticity and quality of the ingredients used. Organic Armagnacs are appreciated for their unique taste and their commitment to preserving the environment.

    Organic farming emphasizesrespect the environmentand thepreservation of biodiversity. Organic winegrowers ensure that the natural balance of ecosystems is maintained and promote sustainable agricultural practices to preserve the health of the soil, plants and living beings present there.

    In the case of organic Armagnacs, this translates into the use oforganic cultivation methods,such as grass management, natural protection against diseases and pests, as well as the use of natural and organic treatment products.

    Organic Armagnacs are distilled from certified organic grapes. The organic grapes used in the production of Armagnac often come fromtraditional grape varietiesfrom the Armagnac region, such as Baco, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard.

    The Authentic Expression of the Terroir in Harmony with Nature

    Organic Armagnacs are distinguished by theirnatural character and authenticity. They capture the very essence of the terroir and reflect the quality of the organic grapes used in their production. They offerintense aromas and flavors, highlighting the qualities of the grape variety and the soil.

    Thereorganic certificationguarantees that the Armagnacs have been produced according to the strict standards of organic farming, from growing the grapes to distilling and bottling. This certification is issued by independent organizations which verify compliance with organic practices throughout the production process.