Out of age and xo

On this page, we invite you to better know the name out of age/XO, which will help you in your approach to Armagnac.

The age of Reason

With the Hors d’âge, or XO (Extra-Old) category, found mainly on export markets, the consumer enters a category of Armagnacs that are beginning to have a certain maturity. This is how the Hors d'Age is a blend whose youngest eaux-de-vie has been in oak barrels for at least ten years. Armagnac Hors d'Âge is distinguished by the evolution of its aromas after spending a decade in contact with tannin. The age of reason in a way.

A wide possibility of tasting

In terms of taste, the spirits lover is looking for eaux-de-vie with a rich aromatic palette in this category. With a ten-year-old Armagnac, the consumer has an eau-de-vie with multiple tasting possibilities. A classic partner for an early evening with friends, around a good dessert or a cigar in hand, it is also very pleasant as an aperitif, why not iced. Versatility to match the qualities it exudes. La Maison de l’Armagnac, through the many Houses it hosts, offers a fine menu of Hors d’Age and XO.

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