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On this page, we invite you to better know the grape varieties of the appellation, which will help you in your approach to Armagnac.

Ten grape varieties for armagnac

Armagnac eau-de-vie has a great particularity, that of having around ten grape varieties that fall within its appellation decree. To the four majors (ugni blanc, baco, colombard and Folle Blanche), it is worth mentioning six others. Ugni Blanc is the distillation grape variety par excellence. It guarantees fine eaux-de-vie of good quality. It is found in all the terroirs of the appellation. The Folle Blanche, for its part, is undoubtedly the best known and the most emblematic. A historic grape variety of armagnac, it was the most widespread before the phylloxera crisis in 1878. Folle blanche produces fine, very floral and particularly elegant eaux-de-vie.

The baco

Baco is the originality of the grape varieties of the appellation and of the French wine-growing landscape. Also called Baco 22A, it was invented by a Landes teacher, Mr. Baco, after the phylloxera crisis. It is a hybrid, son of Folle Blanche and Noah. This grape variety, very comfortable on the Landes sands of Bas-Armagnac (but it is also found in Ténarèze) gives round eaux-de-vie with a lot of smoothness and aromas of ripe fruit. It is now one of the most important grape varieties of the appellation.

The Colombard

Colombard is highly appreciated by the winegrowers of Côtes de Gascogne wines and therefore used a little less for Armagnac. If its distillation is more confidential, its fruity and spicy aromas remain very appreciated by the Armagnac people who use it, in particular, for their blends. To these four main grape varieties should be added six others. The most widespread is the Plant de Graisse which has been replanted by many producers for several years. We are also starting to find Armagnacs 100% Plant fat.

Ghost grape varieties

Alongside this "club of five", it is worth mentioning the other five, which some producers nicely call "the ghost grape varieties of Armagnac". Among them, the Meslier Saint-François. Back in the saddle for about ten years, especially in the Condom region, it should make its way to wine merchants very quickly, with a first vintage of ten years. Four other vintages complete this astonishing palette. These are Clairette de Gascogne, Jurançon blanc, Mauzac blanc and Mauzac rosé.

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