On this page, we invite you to better know the name VS, which will help you in your approach to Armagnac.

The youngest brandy

Over the years, the denominations of Armagnac have evolved. Some have stood the test of time. This is the case of VS (also called Three Stars). This is the youngest of the aged Armagnac eaux-de-vie on the market. The youngest of the Armagnacs assembled for the VS must have spent at least one year in oak barrels. This very young Armagnac is in the process of finding a second life thanks to the explosion of the cocktail market and mixology in general. It competes (like the Blanche) with many other white spirits.

The rise of mixology

For several years now, very young Armagnacs have found their place with consumers and bartenders. Armagnac VS can also be consumed on its own. It then lets its aromas and fruitiness explode. The Armagnac people are adapting to the market and in particular to that of mixology by offering more and more young Armagnacs. While for many years the consumer was mainly looking for very old Armagnacs, young eaux-de-vie are gaining ground by attracting more and more connoisseurs and the curious.

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