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    Over the years, Armagnac's names have evolved. Some have resisted time. This is the case with the VS (also called three stars). This is the youngest of Armagnac Vieillie Eau-de-Vie that is marketed. The youngest of Armagnacs assembled for the VS must have spent at least one year in oak barrels. This very young Armagnac is finding a second youth thanks to the explosion of the cocktail market and mixology in general. He comes to compete (such as white) many other white alcohols.
    6 items
    Armagnac Domaine Tariquet Carafe Pure Folle Blanche VS 50cl
    Armagnac Domaine Tariquet Carafe Pure Folle Blanche VS 50cl
    58,00 €
    Domaine Tariquet Pure Folle Blanche VS 70cl
    Domaine Tariquet Pure Folle Blanche VS 70cl
    48,00 €
    Armagnac Domaine Tariquet VS Classique 70cl
    40,00 €
    Armagnac Castarède VS 70cl
    Armagnac Castarède VS 70cl
    From 38,00 €
    Armagnac Jean Cavé VS Basquaise 70cl
    Armagnac Jean Cavé vs Basquaise 70cl
    From 30,00 €
    Armagnac Veuve Lafontan VS Premier Age 70cl
    Armagnac widow Lafontan vs first age 70cl
    49,00 €

    Beyond the Letters: Understanding the “VS” Mention in Armagnac

    In summary, an Armagnac VS is an Armagnac aged for at least two years in oak barrels. It represents an accessible entry-level, offering flavors characteristic of Armagnac, but with less complexity than Armagnacs aged longer.

    The abbreviation "VS" is similar to that used in other spirits such as Cognac, where it also stands for "Very Special". However, aging criteria may vary between different production regions.

    VS Armagnacs are often considered to bethe youngest and most accessible of the range. They offer aromas and flavors characteristic of Armagnac, although less complex and less developed than Armagnacs aged longer.

    In general, VS Armagnacs havefruity, floral and spicy notes, with a certain freshness on the palate. Their color can vary from pale gold to light amber.

    Short aging

    It is important to note that the designation "VS" on a bottle of Armagnac only indicates the minimum level of aging and does not necessarily represent the overall quality of the Armagnac. Other factors, such as terroir, grape varieties used and distillation techniques, can also influence the flavor profile and quality of the spirit.