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    We find through this category, all the assemblies 10 years of age present on the Maison de l'Armagnac. This denomination must evoke the age of the youngest of the waters of life entering the composition of the assembly, namely an Armagnac having aged at least 10 years in oak barrels. This type of assembly is today used by houses because more evocative than XO or VSOP mentions for the consumer. After 10 years, houses can also market their brandy under the vintage of the harvest year. At this precise moment, we are no longer talking about assembly but vintage.
    2 items
    Armagnac Domaine Tariquet Ugni blanc 10 ans 70cl
    Armagnac Domaine Tariquet Ugni white 10 years 70cl
    70,00 €
    Armagnac Jean Cavé 10 ans 70cl
    Armagnac Jean Cavé 10 ans 70cl
    Armagnac Jean Cavé 10 years 70cl
    63,00 €

    Armagnac 10 years, a Sublime Aromatic Palette

    The Flowering of Flavors

    During these 10 years of aging, Armagnac had the opportunity todevelop complex aromatic and taste characteristics. Aromas may include notes of candied fruit, vanilla, caramel, nuts, spices and other nuances from the interaction with the wood of the oak barrels. Flavors can berich and harmonious, with a velvety texture.

    An Armagnac with an age count of 10 years is considered to be in the category of "old" or "aged" Armagnacs. It offers a more refined and nuanced tasting experience compared to younger Armagnacs.

    The Balance of Flavors: The Subtleties of Aged Armagnacs

    However, it is important to note that the age count indicates the minimum ageing, meaning that some Armagnacs may have been aged longer than the period stated on the label. Some producers may also use blends of younger and older Armagnacs to achieve the desired balance in taste profile.

    In conclusion, an age rating of 10 years for an Armagnac guarantees a minimum aging period of 10 years in oak barrels. This results in complex aromas, harmonious flavors and a refined tasting experience.