Payment terms

Securing internet payments

All the payment phases to be made between the customer and shopify payment is fully encrypted and protected.

This means that information related to the ordering and number of the bank card does not circulate on the internet.

  • The bank card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, or other listing and does not appear in any e-mail, back office or file.
  • The merchant is not aware of the card numbers.

The different stages of payment of payment on the Internet

At each payment request, the buyer is redirected from the LB distribution server, to the Shopify payment payment server, in connection with bank infrastructure.

  • The customer arrives on a encrypted payment page
  • Entering the card number, end of validity date, visual cryptogram and authorization request. The link between the buyer and the server Shopify Paymentis established in HTTPS, a secure protocol, which encrypts all the information exchanged. This protection protects the data sent by the Internet and guarantees the buyer that his bank card number cannot be intercepted in clear by a third party during his transfer to the secure server Shopify Payment.
  • When the card number has passed a first level of control (Luhn key, oppositions, etc.), a request for real -time authentication from the buyer can be carried out with his bank and then the server Shopify Paymentissues an authorization request to the center of the bank to which the merchant is affiliated. This is done using standardized banking protocols on a specialized telecommunications network
  • The bank's authorization center returns an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, Shopify PaymentThen perform the following operations:-Display of the payment ticket on the buyer's screen (option)-sending the payment ticket by e-mail to the buyer-The card number is never returned to the trader.
  • The buyer is then automatically redirected to the LB distribution server, where he can resume the course of his visit