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An adventure started in 1979

It was in 1979 that Patrick de Montal and his wife Victoire de Montesquiou launched a completely crazy bet: turn his back on their Parisian life to buy the beautiful Domaine d'Arton, in Lectoure, in the Gers. With a secret ambition: to restore the coat of arms of this wine estate on the lands of their childhood, their families, in this Gascogne which they have at the heart and in passion. The bet is launched, the adventure begins. The Montal will revive this property and make it a reference in Armagnac, in this Haut-Armagnac Gersois.

A terroir of truth

The Domaine d'Arton is "a terroir of truth" tell its owners. "Authentic, abrupt. A land of pebbles and Garennes, that of a rigorous nature. Because on this terroir of Haut-Armagnac everything is contrasting: both wild and drawn. A land of effort and character that looks like the Montal family. But Arton is also a land of innovation (Patrick de Montal is the first to have created a Blanche d'Armagnac) on which Lili and Jean de Montal carry projects and ambition. The Arton vineyard is rich in 88 hectares of vines, planted with eight grape varieties, and enjoys excellent natural conditions conducive to the development of wines in the estate and its Armagnacs.

Unique piece 2010

This is one of the very great successes of Château Arton. This "single piece 2010 vintage" which has collected very many awards in several international competitions, is a brandy of more than ten years, born from the white and raised grape variety in the field.
Its nose exalts assertive notes of lime and grapefruit with which a hint of redcurrant mixes. On the palate, the hazelnut, on a citrus bed, tempers this beautiful liveliness while the finish is fresh and joyful.

Château Arton

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