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L'Encantada, the house of the Copains

This is the story of friends! As often in life, as always in Gascogne! This group of friends who revolved between Gers and Toulouse, all passionate about Armagnac, decided one day to embark on the adventure. Vincent, after a long experience in catering, leads his friends: "I was always asked for advice on Armagnac, where to find it, how to find a rare and quality brandy! I said to the friends, we have to go on this path! The idea is launched. Ten years after the departure of their project, the friends of the Encantada (Enchanted in Gascon) Direct a small trading house that never stops finding a good place in Armagnac.

Gross of barrels and selections

The range of the Encantada looks like its creators. Always in evolution, always in research. Besides, their brandy finds mainly place in the hands of connoisseurs, wine merchants and high-end restaurants. This concern for excellence, Vincent, Christelle and Frédéric therefore decline it through very beautiful burns of barrels, but also with a selection of assembly of 20, 25 years, an X0 and the one they name the extra white , a white Armagnac, who lived a short year in an old Armagnac barrel, intended for cocktails mainly.

Our selection, 25 years old

Among the sure values ​​of the house Encantada, we have chosen to highlight the selection 25 years. It is the fruit of assemblies of Eaux-de-Vie du Bas-Armagnac but also of "Grand-Bas-Armagnac" (in the Landes part of the appellation) where the terroirs are renowned for finesse and floral character and fruity of Armagnacs. This eau-de-vie de Grande finesse is presented under a mahogany dress and dark orange. A very beautiful introduction to the fascinating universe of brandy found by the band of friends of the Encantada.

Armagnac Encantada

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    Author Armagnac The Encantada Selection 25 years of age
    From 66,20 €
    Armagnac d'auteur l'Encantada Pouy 1998
    Author Armagnac l'écantada Pouy 1998
    From 92,00 €
    Author Armagnac The Encantada XO Gnac 20cl
    20,00 €
    Author Armagnac The Enantada XO Gnac 70cl
    61,00 €
    Author Armagnac The Encantada Selection 20 years of age
    From 63,20 €
    Armagnac d'auteur l'Encantada Lassalle 1990
    Author Armagnac l'écantada lassalle 1990
    From 104,00 €
    Armagnac d'auteur l'Encantada le Sablé 1976
    Author Armagnac l'écantada le Sablé 1976
    From 151,00 €
    Armagnac d'auteur l'Encantada Cuxtan 1997
    Author Armagnac l'écartada Cuxtan 1997
    From 119,00 €
    Author Armagnac l'écantada del cassou 1998
    From 97,00 €
    Author Armagnac The Encantada Discovery Box 3 x 20cl
    99,10 €