Nos Armagnac - Age account - 60 years

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    We find through this category, all assemblies 50 years of age present on the Maison de l'Armagnac.
    This denomination must evoke the age of the youngest of the waters of life entering the composition of the assembly, namely an Armagnac having aged at least 20 years in oak barrels.
    After 50 years, houses can also market their brandy under the vintage of the harvest year. At this precise moment, we are no longer talking about assembly but vintage.
    3 items
    Armagnac widow Lafontan wisdom 60 years of age 70cl
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    Armagnac Gelas Carafe Prestige 60 years of age 70cl
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    Armagnac Darroze - 60 years of age - 70 cl
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    Armagnac 60 Years: The Apogee of Flavors and Excellence

    An Armagnac with an age count of 60 years is the result of a long process of maturation and development. This exceptionally long period gives Armagnac a unique complexity, depth and elegance.

    At the aromatic level, a 60 year old Armagnac offers apalette of aromas of remarkable intensity. You can find notes of candied fruit, figs, prunes, honey, vanilla, cocoa, wood, spices and other nuances. These aromas are sublimated and perfectly balanced, creating a captivating olfactory symphony.

    On the palate, a 60 year old Armagnac offers a truly sumptuous tasting experience. Theretexture is silkyand the flavors are of unparalleled complexity, with notes of ripe fruit, nuts, leather, tobacco, coffee, caramel, spices and wood. Each sip reveals a perfect harmony between the different components, testifying to the evolution and maturity of Armagnac.

    An Aromatic Symphony and a Sumptuous Experience in the Mouth

    Armagnacs with an age of 60 years are exceptional treasures, sought after by the most discerning collectors and connoisseurs. Theirrarity and their excellence make them spirits of inestimable value.e. Each tasting is a transcendent experience, offering depth and finesse that lingers for a long time in the mouth.

    In summary, an age count of 60 years for an Armagnac guaranteesa minimum aging period of 60 years in oak barrels. These exceptional Armagnacs offer a sumptuous and transcendent tasting experience, withcomplex aromas, rich flavors and a silky texture. They are considered rare and precious treasures, representing the pinnacle of the craftsmanship of Armagnac producers.