On this page, we invite you to better know the characteristics of the burns, which will help you in your approach to Armagnac.

Gascony authenticity

Armagnac brut de cask is a sign of the authenticity of the eau-de-vie produced on the Gascon terroir. These eaux-de-vie come from their aging barrels and are neither reduced nor filtered. As a result, the degree of natural alcohol is very often higher than 40°. It is not uncommon to find eaux-de-vie grading up to 50° or more…

Cask strength is aptly named because it allows consumers to taste a “raw” eau-de-vie, straight out of its oak barrel. The tasting experience is therefore at its peak.

Unique aromas

Each of these eaux-de-vie is unique because no barrel resembles another. The bottles are generally numbered and therefore marketed in limited editions. The great richness of this category of Armagnac lies in the concentration of aromas present during the tasting. Not having undergone any reduction, the aromas of Armagnac are therefore not diluted.

Many Houses now offer cask-strength vintages for sale and some also market blends of this type.
Maison de l'armagnac - Bruts de Fût
Maison de l'Armagnac - Bruts de fût