Darroze doubles its sales in four years

At the time of 2022, Marc Darroze, owner of the House of Armagnac based in Roquefort (Landes), welcomes a "increased" demand. “For 4 years, the world pandemic has not slowed the strong growth, the artisanal production of our Gasconne Eaux-de-Vie, the very good value for money, the existence of old stocks are all assets that explain These progressions.

As with other spirits, he analyzes, the reserves of old Armagnacs are becoming rarer. This largely explains the increase in the classes of Armagnacs, exhaustion on certain vintages and the necessary regulation in order to be able to ensure this offer in the coming years. »»

"In this context," continues Marc Darroze, "we are working on a daily basis to continue to ensure our qualitative leadership. Our annual distillations are used to prepare for the next decades. The perfect knowledge of Gascon terroirs facilitates the selection of old rare life-waters still available in the properties. Our sales have almost doubled in 4 years, but we continue to hunt like an antique dealer in order to maintain our widest possible offer, "punctuates Landais Armagnacais.