Armagnac - 1931

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    A true specificity of Armagnac, the vintage comes from a single harvest, namely that indicated on the label of the bottle.
    Each vintage therefore has a unique character and identity depending on the climatic and meteorological conditions but also on the work of the chai master from the vine to the bottling.
    The Maison de l'Armagnac has selected a large number of vintages for you, including these 1931 vintages.
    5 items
    Armagnac Castarède millésime 1931 70cl
    Armagnac Castarède vintage 1931 70cl
    From 2.150,00 €
    Armagnac Jean Cavé Brut de Fût 1931 70cl
    Armagnac Jean Cavé Brut de Fut 1931 70cl
    7.141,00 €
    Armagnac Jean Cavé 1931 70cl
    Armagnac Jean Cavé 1931 70cl
    From 5.909,00 €
    Armagnac Veuve Lafontan 1931 70cl
    Armagnac widow Lafontan 1931 70cl
    6.125,00 €
    Armagnac Monluc 1931 70cl
    Armagnac Monluc 1931 70cl
    7.561,00 €